Meet the iRaise lecturers

These are the lecturers that will provide the key elements for the adoption of innovation

After our experience last year, we strongly believe this is the right way to boost innovation adoption among the healthcare community

Value based healthcare concept is a key argument that you MUST KNOW if you want to change things

Ramon Maspons


Why don’t we pay for results, assuming (and sharing) risks? This course will show you how

A key point from the course is the multidisciplinary team from the same healthcare setting working or their own challenge

This is the course that can help your organisation in the journey to DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION

There are different vehicles to get the solution to your unmet need and we will HELP YOU TO SELECT THE RIGHT VEHICLE

Codesign, cocreation,… are key words to guarantee success in the innovation adoption. We will show you how to …

There is no good wind for the one with no clear goal. This course will give you the tools to always surf with the right wind.