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I3A is link between the industry and the iRaise programme.

Latest news about I3A

I3A is a community that is made up of industry members with the goal of generating a community that links to the iRaise students by transferring know how and sponsorship to the teams by sharing their experience in adoption of innovation.

The I3A links with the rest of the community by sharing this common goal: lowering the gap between the needs of the health care providers, citizens and patients and the development of innovative solutions to these needs.

What about iRaise?

The iRaise programme is focused in the training of teams of professionals in healthcare for faster and better adoption of innovation. It’s a transformation ride in which we are keen to upskill the professionals to drive this team effort to this desired goal: adoption of innovation. We know it takes a team to get it done, so it’s a way in which healthcare institutions are determining the unmet needs in order to drive the efforts towards picking the right vehicle for their framed solution.

The tech industry plays a big role in this process. In the solution side, they (you) are developing great deal of solutions to several problems within the health sector, and have done so for quite some time. The levels of maturity of the different players in the industry allows each segment to reach several markets. The driving force in this process makes the demand and supply to meet halfway, with a concrete goal on everyone’s mind: to improve people’s life.

The iRaise education programme is this transformation ride. And there is a significant new perspective for the industry: to create a complementary community to link the knowledge generation and know-how in most effective way, and to create value within the I3A community that could enable our individual roles and our institutions to match the challenges of our time.

We proudly present to you the I3A members

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I3A collaborative activities

Breakfast with the industry

At I3A “Breakfast with the industry” relevant actors from industry level, interacting with iRaise students sharing their experiences and lessons learned in adoption of innovation curated by the iRaise faculty with experts.


Latest and the greatest

The I3A “Lastes and the greatest” is a forma to introduce a hub of industry updates showcasing the latest and greatest achievements ininnovation adoption from the industry players, to follow the trends and share the possibilities for future developments.

Public-Private alignment

I3A working group on public-private collaboration to boost innovation adoption through iRaise. I3A working group wil define methodology to identify and assess the lessons learnt and the benefits a public-private collaboration can bring to the healthcare provision and to the industry through iRaise.

I3A code of conduct and behaviours

What are the desired behaviors for the I3A?

Trust, respect, collaboration, reciprocity, network/idea/resource sharing, goal alignment, listening, open & honest discussions, etc.

iRaise Code of conduct and transparency. It is of our interest to avoid any possible future conflicts of interest or contamination of future procurement processes.

iRaise adheres to COCIR Code of conduct and MedTech Europe Coder of Ethical Business Practice.

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iRaise Innovation Industry Alliance

The I3A is a community that is made up of industry members with the goal of generating a community that links to the iRaise

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