Third and last I3A breakfast

The third and last I3A breakfast with industry experts will be held tomorrow Wednesday 17 November at 9 am.

In this breakfast we will have the presence of Anais González Iglesias from GE Healthcare.

Over twelve years of experience in strategic and operational management in the healthcare sector, innovation, and project management. A member of advisory boards of several prominent organizations and a mentor (and an active collaborator) of several start-ups and incubators with substantial experiment and exposure to integrating sustainable and innovative solutions into operations and developing strategic, value-driven initiatives that align goals with business objectives. A multi-lingual (Spanish, English, Portuguese) professional with extensive experience working with diverse cross-cultural teams. A mentor and a coach with a strong belief in supporting youth and women. Two Ph.D. (in Economics and Physics) and three Master Degrees in Advanced Physics, Health, Pharmaeconomics, and Chemistry.



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