Uxío Meis Piñeiro is part of the pool of mentors in iRAISE. In this interview, the political scientist and expert in health economics research and teaching talks about the details that make the iRAISE programme unique in Spain and Europe and explains what kind of projects he has helped to shape during the last editions of the course. The soundtrack of this interview: Pearl Jam.

What role do you play in iRAISE?
I am a team mentor and I am involved in the organizing team.

Tell us briefly about your professional experience.
I am a political scientist, with a master’s degree in public health policies and experience in innovation management. I worked at the university as a health economics researcher, and then as a R&D project manager, first in private companies and now in the public administration.

Why did you join to this training program?
I knew iRaise when I started working at Aquas and I immediately became involved in the programme.

How do you define your work with the teams?
As an agitator. As a guide. Making the right questions and helping with my contributions when is necessary.

What kind of projects have you worked on during the previous editions of the course?
From the creation of spaces in primary health, such as changes in the healthcare model of complex patients, to the installation of innovation ecosystems in hospitals.

What do you think the program provides to the health innovation system?
It is the only Spanish and European programme that combines professionals, teachers, innovation, practical cases and mentoring. It provides the team very valuable knowledge. They leave the course with part of the work done, trained staff and people involved in a new community.

What do you think about the present health innovation system?
It is fine where there is an ecosystem that helps the projects flourish and water. It could be better. Of the three legs of health (care, research and innovation), the last is undoubtedly the worst. There is still a long way to go.

What changes do you think are necessaries in the Spanish health system?
Determination of the staff, willingness to improve, money and some faith are needed.

A professional milestone: My first class at the university as a teacher.
A book: El lobo estepario, by Hermann Hesse.
A movie: Doctor Zhivago, by David Lean.
A song: Rearviewmirror, by Pearl Jam.
Your favourite place in the world: O Carreiro beach, in O Grove.
A personal challenge: There are too many. Handle my days is hard enough.
A wish: The end of suffering and massacre in Gaza.



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