WHO IS WHO IN iRAISE: María Segura

Our colleague María Segura opens a new section in which you will meet the people involved in our program. Do you want to know her better?

María deals with all the administrative issues of iRAISE, constitutes a key contact with the course participants to solve any incident that arises and, all of this, with the free climbing on the horizon and reciting poems by Kaváfis.

What role do you play in iRAISE?

In the iRaise course, my functions are focused on economic and administrative issues: registration on the educational platform, registration of participants, financial management, etc. During the course, I am the contact person with the participants to solve any incident they may have related to the use of the platforms or other operational issues.

Tell us briefly about your professional experience

Today I am working at ITACA-SABIEN (UPV). I joined the group two and a half years ago, working both in the Technical Office (financial management, project justification, etc.) and in the technical part of different projects. For a few months now, I have been directing the Technical Office and my duties are focused on the economic part of the group.

I have a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences (University of Alicante), in Business Administration and Management (UPV) and a master’s degree in Project Management(UPV).

Also, for 15 years, I have been a swimming instructor.

Why did you join to this training program?

In 2021, I started my master’s internship at SABIEN. The first meeting I attended was one for the iRaise course. At that time, the course was funded by EIT Health and members of the entire consortium attended that meeting. Then, my role was to support the logistical tasks of the course and learn how a European project worked. Since then, I have been involved in the subsequent editions of the course.

How do you define your work with the teams?
I provide support in the course registration process, educational platforms, etc., especially in the first weeks of the course.

What do you think the iRAISE program provides to the health innovation system?

Currently, there are many innovation training courses but if I had to decide what makes us different, it is the personalized attention that the teams receive throughout the whole process, thanks to the figure of the mentors. iRaise is not only a training course in which students are able to apply the concepts learnt at the end of the program, but here, during the course itself and with the support of the mentors, they can see how that innovative idea they have can become into a reality.

What do you think about the present health innovation system?

Health innovation not only implies the implementation of technology and financial resources, but also organizational changes, care models, people management, etc. I believe that today we have enough tools and knowledge to innovate and transform our changes into value, but we need to really adapt all of this projects to the current health system that society demands.

What changes do you think are necessaries in the Spanish health system?
I chose two: involve patients in the innovation process and LISTEN to health professionals.


A professional milestone: Until now, I have had small professional achievements that I have learnt from but I would not highlight any in particular. I do fondly remember organizing the WHO Big Data Training 2022 course. It was the first event I organized and I especially enjoyed it.

A book: Atlas Shrugged. By Ayn Rand
A movie: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
A song: The pretender – Foo fighters
Your favourite place in the world: Galicia
A personal challenge: Free climbing
A wish: In short, as one of my favourite poems says:

Ithaka, by Kaváfis
As you set out for Ithaka
hope your road is a long one,
full of adventure, full of discovery…



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