Whitepaper presentation event

Next Tuesday, October 10th, at 5:00 pm, we will present the iRaise whitepaper “A practical case of Industry alliance for education to boost high valuecare transformation through Innovation adoption”, work carried out by the iRaise Educational Programme team with the support of raise alumni and the iRaise I3A (Innovation Institutional and Industry Alliance).

This paper showcases iRaise as a successful case study of collaboration between public and private entities collaborations focused on boosting the adoption of innovation in healthcare through an education programme

It proposes a path for collaboration between the market of education programs for practitioners in innovation adoption and industry players. Thanks to the experience of iRaise lectures, mentors and the I3A community, the participating teams are shown the path to follow once they have identified the challenges they want to address, going through the definition of the relevant unmet needs behind the identified challenges and the selection of the most appropriate vehicle to enable the development of the innovation aimed to ultimately address the defined needs and eventually to be adopted.

The event will be attended by Francoise Van Hemelryck (EIT Health), Vicente Traver (UPV), Rossana Alessandrello (AQUAS) and Ramon Maspons (AQUAS). More information about the agenda and how to register and participate in the even are available at the event page.

We thank EIT Health, EIT Health Spain, ITEMAS, Fenin – Federación Española de Empresas de Tecnología Sanitaria, the iRaise consortium, I3A and iRaise Alumni for their collaboration.



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