iRaise selected as semifinalist of European Innovation Procurement Awards

iRaise team will present a hearing under the category procurement leadership

Last June, on behalf of iRaise Education Programme, AQuAS submitted a proposal to the Procurement leadership category of the European Innovation Procurement Awards and our candidature is among the semi-finalists.

On October 13th the iRaise team will be presenting the education programme as a vehicle for teams of muldisciplinary health care professionals to drive the adoption of innovation in a journey that provides the tools, knowledge and skills needed for the transformation of our health and social systems.

This award is organized by the European Innovation Council to celebrate those shaping the future of innovation in Europe. As described in the background section of the anouncement of the semifinalists of this award: “Innovation procurement modernises public sector with more economical and higher quality solutions. These practices directly contribute to EU competitiveness, by opening a route-to-the market for new players, especially SMEs. They also help larger companies to bring innovative products to the market, stimulating cross-border company growth and the creation of jobs. Innovation procurement also serves to tackle the most pressing societal needs.” iRaise has developed a hands-on programme to kickstart innovation procurement project from the very beginning: trainning multidisciplinary health care professionals from across EU.

The target of our programme is focused on the demand-driven innovation that requires the effort from multiple actors aligning their views in the journey towards adoption of innovation. The 9 sessions in iRaise are described in the iRaise innovation adoption rainbow.

Steps in iRaise

This week, AQuAS will be representing the iRaise programme in the hearings. But it’s not alone in this journey. Our education coordinator, UPV will be there, and also some of our other partners that have helped shape this programme. But further more, in the context of preparing the health care professionals, iRaise has created the i3A, the iRaise innovation industry alliance, to build an ecosystem that supports and adds value to the efforts needed in the adoption of innovation, and the path for demand-driven unmet needs to reach the market. During the hearing, institutions that are part the i3A will also be there, like Avicenna Alliance, GE and ITEMAS.

The iRaise community is determined to keep growing, adding more teams in our current edition and companions to add value in our journey. Like next weeks presentation of this White Paper on the adoption of innovation.



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