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Value-based procurement

Identifying the right vehicle

Steps in iRaise
Our vehicle to increase the odds of adopting the innovation for your unmet need.

iRaise is not just another innovation training programme. We are innovation adoption evangelists. That’s our thing. It’s not just about innovation: it’s about actually solving some demand driven unmet needs.

But not only that. We have a journey prepared, not just for you (but yes, you will grow in skills and knowledge with this programme), but also a multidisciplinary team. Together, and with your very own case: your own unmet need that affects your institution and that you (not just you, your team and your institution backing you up) are determined to put it through our method: the iRaise Innovation adoption rainbow.

This journey will last 9 weeks that will guide your team to produce a final worksheet as roadmap to boost the innovation adoption that address your unmet need. During every week, you will have:

  • Lectures with a very strong hands-on component that will guide you in the journey
  • additional material as videos from our own, links to YouTube Videos and reports
  • weekly meeting with mentors to guide you during the journey and solving doubts about the worksheet
  • submission of different tasks to be performed either at individual or at team level during the journey.


The entire program will be accessible in a single page with links to the different contents (videos and materials) from a content/table of contents perspective.  You will also get a calendar (compatible with .ics format) available to have also the different tasks and activities collected in one single place from a time perspective integrated in your calendar.

What is a need?

This is the starting point of the iRaise innovation adoption rainbow. This is key: what’s the real pain. What’s beneath the first impression of that thing that’s not working as it should be. The need is beneath a whole bunch of things that are externalities of the root causes. We’ll help you set that straight and you’ll starting shifting your initial intuition into new ways of looking at what the real unmet need is.

How to implement change?

A complex system resist to change its current state. Healthcare settings, as society, is a social complex system. So how is change going suppose to happen? There’s a whole body of knowledge referring to the theory of change that you’ll be expose to and that will help you determine the ways in which you and your team will be laying the ground for some new forces to implement change.

Framing and design

Once you’ve nailed the real need, you need to come up with some elements that will help you frame the possible solutions. You’ll be introduced some designing key elements to set the tone for new ideas and processes into the scene.

What is a business case

Then you need to land your unmet need and your designing with some down to earth stuff. Numbers. And again, some relevant methods that will help you analize the impact of the change you are trying to achieve. That’s important not just for your managers, but also for your idea to be sustainable. In your multidisciplinary team might be “numbers person” that could take the lead in these exercises, but it is certainly a team effort to understand how important the elements in a mission model canvas link up to allow innovation adoption to take place.

Identifying barriers and enablers

Then we need to see beyond. And to do that, we’ll give you tools to identify barriers that can hold back your intentions of adopting that innovation that will solve your need. You have to be prepare for that. But also, you need to take a look at the elements that will ease your path in this journey. Remember, while you are halfway through the iRaise innovation adoption rainbow, you’ve been building up your own unmet need and you are already achieving some synergies and collaborative vibes within your team, and also, with the other teams in the programme.

Public procurement

As a healthcare professional (taking it your profiles might differ from one another) you have a specific training and education to fulfill very specialized tasks. While public procurement might not be one that has ever really interest your every day life (unless you work in procurement… which is not a bad idea to have such profile within your team), public procurement represents a key element in innovation adoption. You’ll find out from specialized expert how these complex procurement processes can be a game changer that will introduce public investment into the system to resolve the real needs that your are bringing into the scene.


Value-based procurement

Our course is completely hands on. You’ll see it right from the start. But it is also full of practical examples from the professional experience of our team. Value-based procurement is the basic element of combining value-based health care and public procurement of innovation. You’ll not only get a feel for it, but you’ll also get the exciting stories from within long and complex processes where different health care systems work together to procure outside the off the shelf alternatives.

Identifying the right vehicle to address the unmet need

We are almost at the end of the journey through our iRaise innovation adoption rainbow. There’s a golden pot at the end of ordinary rainbows, but this is no the case. At the end of our journey you’ll be face with a complex decision: which is the best vehicle to address our unmet need? You’ll get the theory and the support from our community to land this significant question. Picking this vehicle is the start of another step of the journey that will take you, your team and your institution through the path to innovation adoption.

Social Impact Bonds

One of the possible vehicles that you’ll be exposed to is called social impact bonds. Or SIBs. You’ll be amazed with this particular vehicle that centers the attention of the funding not on the return of an investment but on the outcomes that you are set to obtain if you deliver this adoption of innovation. It’s so important we get to shift our mindset towards outcomes, and also a very complex endeavor. But you are not here for the quick deal: you are here for a ride! So we are counting on you!

Dissemination & Exploitation

You are going to need to communicate your project in order to lead the way towards adoption of innovation. You might be already used to presenting in public, but we’ll make sure the entire team is ready to make a presentation to key stakeholders of the project, both within your institution, to your target beneficiary or to a committee deciding to fund your project. Because your project needs to be feasible and sustainable for adoption of innovation to take place. So we’ll make sure you are able to introduce the right steps for securing your project can live on to achieve the desired long term impact


Finally we reach the end of our iRaise innovation adoption rainbow. The golden price is to start your journey towards adoption. But you are not alone. In just three months you’ve come a long way. And your institution as well. They have your back to present them with a plan that will change the way things were done around this one unmet need that a few months ago you presented as something that could be faced differently. So you are ready for another phase of your journey! iRaise will deliver the best version of yourself: you within a team, aligning yourselves to go beyond the status quo, and generate a greater impact through the adoption of innovation. You are so ready for this ride!

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