iRaise 2022 edition launched

On September 16th, the 3rd edition of the IRaise training started. This edition involves 3 teams from Spanish healthcare organizations and for the first time, a mixed team formed by members of different centers with the same objective, to boost innovation adoption in their organization.

There will be 10 sessions where each week they will work with a speaker to bring their unmet needs in a future implementation of innovation for the improvement of their institutions. Each team will also be helped by exclusive mentors who will guide them in their doubts and in the different exercises and activities to obtain and identify the necessary knowledge to boost the innovation adoption in their organizations.

In the end, it is a journey, where they will grow and improve their skills and knowledge within the multidisciplinary team. A journey, where they will be guided to produce a final worksheet as a roadmap to drive the adoption of innovation that addresses their unmet needs

Steps in iRaise

In our iRaise Innovation adoption rainbow methodology, the topics to be addressed during the course will be as varied and useful as:

  • identifying and defining a need,
  • how to implement change,
  • identifying elements that help frame possible solutions, and the emergence of key design elements, application to a business model, and the
  • application to a business model,
  • know methodologies to identify barriers and enablers,
  • learn about complex public procurement processes as a possible solution to financing
  • learn from other practical examples of value-based procurement
  • showcase a portfolio of existing vehicles to address the challenge and the identification of the right vehicle for each case
  • discover social impact bonds and highlight the results and benefits of adopting such innovation
  • how to present and communicate your project: to your own organization, to potential funders, to other institutions
  • adoption of the plan taking into account everything you have learned in the course.

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