Successfully finished our 3rd edition

47 students, 20 mentors and speakers, and more than 3,800 hours of joint effort to carry out the roadmap of eight new health innovation projects. These are the figures that translate into the second edition of the iRAISE Course, which ended in December.

Eight multidisciplinary teams from hospitals and health centers of the Catalan Health System (Institut Català de Salut) have worked for 10 weeks on the best way to carry out, finance and implement technological developments. With the help of the speakers and the theoretical and practical sessions proposed by the iRAISE course, they have been able to delve deeper and design the best strategy so that their idea becomes a practical innovation that truly transforms their health environment, providing real results to the team and the patients.

Yolanda Lejardi, System Transformation Manager of the Institut Català de Salut, highlighted during the closing ceremony of the course the importance of “providing the adoption of innovation with a methodology.” “We must achieve changes that not only give good results, but also are sustainable in the future, and for that projects that think about the procedure are key,” added the expert.

The participants in the course have not only been able to learn the best methodology, but have had the opportunity to analyze in depth the viability of their projects with the help of the mentors that iRAISE provides them, technology experts in the healthcare field who have accompanied them during the weeks that the course lasted and with whom they can continue in contact for the implementation of their projects.

The next edition of the iRAISE course is now open to healthcare teams interested in knowing the best way to implement their healthcare innovation in an efficient and effective way.



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